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    Enjoyable deeply relaxing 1-1                        Soundbaths 
    for sound and vibrational healing

    with windgong, singing bowls,                    tingshaws, bells and                                drums                   
       available at my house by                           appointment.
Can be combined with simple yoga postures to enhance healing. The Singing bowls can be placed on the body, often along the line of the spine or on the feet. 

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"I discovered Andree's Gong Bath at a yoga workshop and found it unexpectedly relaxing, the vibrations of the gong music released negative emotions leaving me feeling energised and full of joy.  I found the session extremely therapeutic.  The second time I attended the Gong Bath my sinus/ ears were cleared and again I felt extremely energised and happy.  I will continue to attend the Gong Bath sessions as an integral part of my well being.  I can't recommend this therapy highly enough.  Give it a try."
Gill Wright



To find out more about sound healing visit;
www.collegeofsoundhealing.co.uk  (I did my training with them)

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