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About Sound Healing with Gongs

The Gong is a mysterious ancient Sound Healing instrument capable of extraordinary layers of rich sounds which take you on a holistic healing journey.

Just relax and allow yourself to receive the colourful soundscape, layers of harmonious resonance that wash through you enabling deep relaxation and profound release.

Every part of the body has its own resonant frequency. 
If there is stuck energy, the Gong's vibrations stimulate the energy to flow and bring that part of the body back into harmony with the life force. 
The nervous system and the immune system are strengthened.

The vibrations can be felt deep in the cells, in the bones and organs........re-balancing and energising like the sounds of the sea.  Liberating and primordial!

With the deep mysterious sounds of the Gongs, wake up to new insights, allow yourself  dreamtime and visions. A grounding and nurturing experience.

Helpful for the relief of stress, insomnia, physical aches and pains,  apathy, depression...........helpful for deep transforming spiritual/emotional openness to bring resolution and deep love.

Have a look on youtube; 'blood test before and after Gongbath'  amazing!!

30" diameter Paiste Symphonic .......  light dancing and watery
32" diameter Cheiron Planet  ............. the healers gong
40" diameter Wohan  .....................grounding  earthy base tones
26" wind gong
7 singing bowls and a Vajra bell
+ various shamanic sounds and bells

One of my spirit guides is Tibetan Machig Labdron. She is dazzling luminous white, awakened and dancing. She holds a ritual drum and a bell for healing all sentient beings. An 11th Century soundhealer!

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